Make Robotics Accessible to the Masses
Vincross believes that for the future of robotics to be successful, it needs to be available to the many, not the few. By creating consumer robots that fit into everyday life and by building a robotics ecosystem, including software and hardware that is both simple to use and sophisticated, Vincross makes it possible for individuals to access the future of robotics.
Today, our robotics ecosystem is used by creators, programmers, hobbyists, robot-lovers and gadget geeks from across the globe. Our ambitions are even bigger. Vincross is ushering in the next generation of consumer robotics, where robots are the most interesting and exciting technology, where robots in your home will be commonplace and they'll be truly valuable and impressive.

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We Are Robotic

We’re a hardworking, robot-loving, big-dreaming team of industrial designers, roboticists, AI researchers, data crunchers and builders. Based in Beijing, China with operations in the U.S., we're growing our footprint internationally, so please don't hesitate to reach out about job and business opportunities:

Tianqi Sun is dedicated to making technology accessible to the masses. As CEO and founder, today, his focus is on building Vincross, which provides individuals with the tools to learn, explore and build robotics. Tianqi's diverse background includes not only artificial intelligence and robotics but also neuroscience and philosophy. Before starting Vincross, Tianqi worked as an AI scientist at Tsinghua University, where he spent his time exploring neural networks of animals, making the important connection between biology and AI. He conducted similar research at Microsoft Research Asia. Beyond his work in research, Tianqi is credited with helping to bring the works of Alan Turing to China. He translated two books, Alan Turing: The Enigma and Connectome: How the Brain's Wiring Makes Us Who We Are, into Chinese, which became a top-seller in Chinese bookstores.