Can you robot?
Robots are THE next big platform. We've all dreamed of a world where robots interact with and help humans in their daily lives. But the reality is, robots have a long way to go. Limited access — robots are either too expensive and complex isolated to a lab or too simplistic, a child's toy — has kept innovators, explorers and the masses at bay.
Robots need to be accessible to the many, not the few. Only then will we see the robot revolution.
Meet HEXA, the first of a new generation of accessible, programmable robots from Vincross. HEXA is a six-legged, highly maneuverable, compact robot that comes complete with all the necessary sensors. Along with HEXA, we deliver MIND, a robotics OS and SDK, where for the first time individuals don't need to know underlying hardware and complex mechanics to learn and create interesting robotics functionality.
Make something cool. The bold will robot.
  • “HEXA isn't the first hexapod robot out there, but it's certainly the most special.”
  • “A startup built an app store for its insect-like robot and opened its software platform in hopes that it will become the iPhone of robots.”
  • “I have a sense we're going to see some novel stuff built on this platform in 2018.”
  • Check out our complete HEXA Unboxing with @KhanFlicks